The English Pig

The reason for the long delay in posts is quite a simple one. Money. I’ve been told by the lovely man at the bank that whilst in the process of saving money to buy a house dining out several times a week is not a good idea. He was also against the idea of buying a Macbook Air.

I therefore I made a decision to resort to a drastic measure, which to my surprise worked out quite nicely, Groupon.

For the bargain price of £29 we bagged two courses at The English Pig with a glass of wine each, or the option to forgo the glasses of wine and have £10 towards a bottle of our choice. Bargain.

I can imagine that given its location that this is place does well out of the City lunch time crowd. The restaurant was relaxed, about half full, with a good buzz on the Friday evening we visited. We were running a little early so bagged a sofa for a G&T before being seated.

Starters were enjoyable and a good start to the meal, although the best cooking was to come later. Only criticism for the starters is really easily rectified, the toast was very brittle and shattered to the bite, we would have both preferred it a little thicker.

I forgot to get a shot of the menu so my descriptions of the dishes may not be exact, but you will get the gist.

Ham hock with piccalilli

Pork and rabbit rillette

Mains were fantastic. I went for the pork belly and N chose pork loin. Both were impeccably cooked, mine with perfectly rendered fat and crispy crackling, N’s with a juicy pink blush.

21hr slow roast belly, mustard mash & red cabbage

Pork loin, apple, vanilla and cabbage

Naturally we had decided to trade the voucher against a bottle of wine and those G&T’s also needed to be added to the bill, but all in all this turned out to be a bargain meal. We had been intending to eat at The English Pig for quite some time and will no doubt be returning for perfect Autumnal / Winter comfort food over the coming months.


The English Pig
171 – 176 Aldersgate Street,
020 7600 9707



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